How to Add Captions In Google Slides

Presentation is one of the easiest and coolest methods to present your ideas. Google Slides is like Microsoft PowerPoint, and is packed with numerous features.  Now Google Slides has improved the old features and also added some new features such as “closed captions.” In this article, we will show you how you can utilize captions in Google Sheets.

Use Captions In Google Slides

Here are the steps to use live Closed Captioning:

  • Connect microphone –Excellence level of closed caption depends on how your voice is recognized by the apps. Make sure that your microphone is working properly and can also pick your voice well.
  • Connect your PC to the internet– Google Slides can also be made for work offline, but you cannot use the closed captioning option when you are not connected with the internet.
  • Open your presentation in the Google sheets – Here; you can use any presentation file, even those presentations that are not created in Google Slides. The Google Slides support several files such as .ppt, .pptx, .pptm, .ppsm, pps, .potx, .pot, .ppsx, .potm, and, .odp.
  • Launch your presentation by tapping on the presentation tab that appears on the top-right corner on your screen, or you can also use Ctrl+F5 for Windows and command + shift + Enter button for MacOS and Ctrl + search + 5 for Google Chrome.
  • To turn on the closed caption, tap on the Caption or CC button. You can also use Ctrl + shift + C for Windows and Google Chrome, and for MacOS, you can use Shift + C shortcut key on your keyboard.

Closed Captions are Not working

If you have enabled the caption and not view them on your screen, you need to use the given ways to fix this issue.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. If you are using the default microphone, then you need to try an external microphone. A laptop’s microphone might not be sensitive enough to catch your voice from a distance.
  2. You need to check if your microphone works properly. To make sure to check the microphone settings.
  3. Try to restart your operating system; sometimes restarting can fix several issues.

Use Google Slides Offline

  1. When you are online, launch the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Launch the “Google Docs offline Chrome Extension” and enable it. And make sure that you have enough space on your device to save your files.
  3. Launch Google Drive.
  4. Under the general button, in the offline dropdown menu, select Create checkbox.
  5. Open and edit your most recent Google document, slides, and sheets on your device offline.
  6. Tap “done.’
  7. Move to “My Drive.”
  8. Select the file.
  9. Right-tap on the file and then enable Available Offline.

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