Video Editing Tools for iOS Devices in 2020

iPhones are well known for their excellent camera quality that ensures capturing quality photographs and video. Attached with these specs come decent video editing tools in the iOS that help to give professional results. Some people prefer them to full-blown desktop software due to their performance. The apps are user friendly and perfect for beginners; their cheaper rates make them further attractive. Most of these tools are redesigned for small screens and hence have an easier user interface.

But an increase in options creates a lot of confusion too, especially if you do not know how to edit videos yet and hence you do not know what features you want in an ideal editor. Everybody needs video editors for very instinctual purposes, and hence it is important to be well versed with what the tool can do. Here is a list of the tools that are available to choose from.

  • Adobe Premiere Rush

The tool is available on MacOS, iOS, Android and Windows. It holds a Multi-track editor, allows exporting videos directly to YouTube, and supports 4K support. The app’s icon is the fact that it is more casual. At first, such professional video editing apps can be a little intimidating and confusing. However, newbies can use it during their learning curve and practice by editing small videos for YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook etc. one minute stories will be something easier to play around with while getting the hang of the app. Adobe launched Premier Rush in October 2019 with the specific purpose to quickly edit videos and post them on the social network.

The iOS version of the app is free and easy. The interface and panel is a simple one, with enlarged icons ensure ease of access on a touchscreen device. Once the user starts to understand the process, tasks like adding music in the background, drag-drop and mixing are hassle-free and done in a few clicks.

  • GoPro App

Like Adobe Premiere Rush, GoPro App is available on MacOS, iOS, Android and Windows, holds Multi-track editor, allows exporting videos directly to YouTube but it does not support 4K. The app lets you sync songs to the footage, but then the user cannot edit the templates. The app is a perfect download if you have a GoPro device to pair it up with. It is one of the most intuitive apps in the market and auto import of footage and syncing it with music is very easy.

It lets you add time-lapse or photos, making the result very impressive to view. The subscription of GoPro Plus lets you browse through thousands of other sound options to put in your video, instead of the 20+ theme songs available in the free version.

  • Apple Clips

This app is only available for iOS. But the fact that it is free and fun to use with family does not overpower the fact that it does not incorporate a Multi-track editor or a 4K support. The app in itself is lightweight and has features that let you add emoji, animated texts, stickers and music to your videos. The target audience for the apps is primarily children and families, which is why it is not a very serious editing app, but the market keeps nudging the need for better tools.

The app introduced new features like better sharing options, saving in files, creating songs in GarageBand, new filters and more, in 2019. Another set of updates were rolled in in April 2020 allowing duplication buttons, a split button, overall performance enhancement and stabilizers.

  • Filmmaker Pro (iOS)

It is a pro-level editing app with green screen support and option of vide3o grading but lacks multi-tracking. The users need to subscribe to its membership for one of the best features of the tool. It is one of the most advanced tools there is and comes with 30 filter options. Two hundred font styles, text overlay, Chroma-keying are some of its other key features. The multiple in-app purchases overshadow the fact that the downloading of the app is free.

  • PowerDirector

PowerDirector is a good mid-level video editing tool that is available to both iOS and Android users for free. It helps with multi-track editing and the addition of background music. Cyberlink’s PowerDirector is Android equal to iMovie. App’s interface is easy to understand and gives access to the arrangement and editing of timelines, the addition of voiceovers, slow motion and photo collage making. But the free version adds a watermark by default and a minimal $5 one-time purchase removes all these issues and even improves the picture quality.

  • InShot

Master in editing social media videos, it is also available for both Android and iOS devices. The interface is an attractive one and smooth with adding filters, stickers, captions, emoji, free music, sound effects and any other desired sound bit. The HD quality editing ensures that even if the app is not for professional editing, it still does its designated job very well.

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